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An Introduction for New Members Empty An Introduction for New Members

Post  Amber on Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:22 am

Hello and welcome to the Hogwarts Book Club! Where students of Hogwarts come together to collectively read and discuss literature.

Admins and Moderators

    I'm Amber, your Head Girl. I run this site with the help of my Head Boy, Mimi and my Prefects, Willow, Selwyn and Saoirse. While the Head Boy and I oversee the overall management of the site, the Prefect's help is more concentrated towards their own house. These people are all admins and work together to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    The only people who have the power to ban members are the Head Girl and Boy. We have very few straightforward rules, but if you break them you will be given a warning and any infraction after that will result in an immedient ban.

    Junior Prefects work directly under Prefects and are forum moderators. They'll make sure everyone toes the line!

    If you have a problem with another member of your house you should talk with your house Prefect first to resolve it. If the problem escalates further, it should be brought to the attention of the Head Girl or Boy.

    Inter-house problems, or problems with members of another house should be taken into the hands of both house Prefects. If the problem escalates further, it should be brought to the attention of the Head Girl or Boy.

    All members should maintain decorum at all times. If you do or say anything untoward or vicious you will be given one warning and one warning only before being banned.

    Any decision made by the Head Girl or Boy is FINAL.

    Hufflepuff House:
  • Prefect: Saoirse
  • Junior Prefects: TBA

    Gryffindor House:
  • Prefect: TBA
  • Junior Prefects: TBA

    Ravenclaw House:
  • Prefect: Willow
  • Junior Prefects: Alexx

    Slytherin House:
  • Prefect: Selwyn
  • Junior Prefects: TBA


    Every book is worth a pre-determined amount of points based on the length and level of difficulty. Dante's Divine Comedy might be worth 80 points whereas Twilight might be worth 20 points. The book's point worth will be determined by the Council before each month.

    Each book will have Chapter Check-ins. After you read to a certain point (Chapters 1-3), you should check in for discussion. These check-ins will be divided up as evenly as possible, and also worth a fraction of the total points for the book. Example: If a book is worth 15 House points, and the book in question has 15 Chapters, and there is a Chapter Check-In for Chapters 1-3, then that check-in is worth 3 House points.

    In light of the fact that we will now have two books every month, the points system has changed. After you have finished reading one of the books for the month and you would like to help your house earn points you are encouraged to post a thoughtful review of the book in the specified forum. Your review must be at least one paragraph long but other than that there is no writing limit. Each member can make no more than one review. Each review will earn you 20 points for your house.

    To encourage discussion every thoughtful comment you post on another member's review will count for 1 point.

    You MUST claim a house in order to earn any points. Claim your house here!

    At the end of each month, the house with the most points will win the privilege to choose the next theme.

    You can earn extra points by participating in tagline and header competitions each month. More on this later.

    Points are cleared on the first of every month.


    Book Club is OOC (meaning out of character). There is no 'wizarding' fiction. Any in-character posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned.

    Every month there will be a theme chosen by the winning house. Members will suggest books that match said theme.

    The poll every month consists of 10 randomly chosen books.

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